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About me Sharene, and House of Malkin
Hi, this is a short bio.  My name is Sharene, and I have always loved having animals around.  My first purebred dog was given to me by my friend.  Then she started breeding Burmese Cats, so it was natural that I should get my cats from her!  My first two cats were a beautiful round-faced blue girl, and a red boy

He was neutered, and is the most talkative cat anyone has seen.  Burmese are usually quiet and only talk when spoken to, or if they are desperate for something.  Like trying to get out of being accidently locked in a cupboard, or need FOOD!

After some years I bred my blue girl, and of course fell in love with one of her kittens, so we kept a blue tortie (see photos under Queens).  The family grew, and we have purposely kept it small as we breed in our house, and of course we cannot have too many cats underfoot (well, I think we can, but I have others to consider!)

The name Malkin is an old English word for a house cat, one that catches rats and mice!  And the Burmese are good at that!

These are our principles

Malkin Cattery is the home of  
Burmese cats and kittens.

These are of show winning quality
and heart winning personalities.

We strive, always, to breed the
purrfect Burmese cats and kittens,
and take care in our choice of partners.


World Cup soccer enjoyed!

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