Friday, September 25, 2020
Our Girls... Past, Present and Future!

Zyan's Taupe, Burmese Perfection Personified! Zyan's Blue Topaz, my first Burmese Girl!  She is now the Grand Lady, still as beautiful as ever.  She is one of the most amazing cats that anyone ever heard of.  She used to bring presents by way of leaves, during the night!  Each morning we would find a 'painting' made up entirely of leaves on the bedroom floor.  If she did it during the day, we would find it on the bed.  She has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and leaves an amazing legacy!
Beautiful Burmese - Malkin's Pie Malkin's Angel Pi, daughter of Topaz, fancying herself as the centre of attention!  In front of the TV is her favourite spot, she knows she gets the most attention when here, especially when there is an exciting game, and she will purposefully  sit in front and block the view (see picture on Home page).  She is also retired now.
Malkin's Lalique-affectionate Burmese Darling House of Malkin's Lollipop, daughter of Topaz, is a sweet and loving cat, and when she has kittens, she let's them do their own thing, keeping a watchful eye from above or around the corner.  Too funny to watch her watching her babies!
Makin's Lolly, being a  perfect Burmese House of Malkin's Lalique is the splitting image of her twin sister!  Most people cannot tell the difference between them.  She, like her sister, is a superb breeding queen, and produces excellent large size kittens, and good size litters too.  She is retired now.
Picture Perfect Burmese One of Malkin's recent kittens, an extremely well-bred and utterly purrfect Lilac Tortie! Stunning Malkin's Ivory Legacy!  Proudly owned by Jane Goble.

Now a Supreme Grand Champion, and we look forward to seeing what gorgeous babies you are going to have!
  Malkin's Opal [lilac tortie] - this very special little girl is staying!  She is destined to be one of our future queens.  She is the sweetest and most affectionate kitten, not to mention her pretty (and perfect) features. Isn't that just the cutest face?  We will update her picture as she grows older, so watch this space!
Unfortunately our precious Opal had a sudden Calcium deficiency whilst giving birth and has also crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  We'll never forget you Opal!  You are still in our hearts.


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